The Write Mindset Mini Course by Brit Poe

The Write Mindset Mini Course



A 3-day virtual workshop all about helping you get into the success mindset and out of the writing slump

You will learn to...

Crush The Negative Self – Talk
  • Discover what emotional baggage you are subconsciously carrying
  • Realize how that stuff affects your everyday life, including your writing
  • Explore how to bring awareness to these thoughts and why it’s so important to do so
  • Discover the three things your brain does that can often work against you

Choose Consciously
  • Learn how to climb out of acceptance mode and elevate your thinking
  • Discover the difference in thinking that life is happening to us vs for us
  • Realize how bringing your feelings into play can be a game changer

Set Your Vision
  • Dream big scary dreams
  • Explore the depths of your why and understand how this helps bring clarity to your mission
  • Understand how commitment plays into your vision

PLUS: 14-Day Write Mindset Journal Challenge To Help You Deep Dive Into Your Success Mindset

  • PREPARE Workbook
    • 15+ challenging questions to prepare you for the challenge allowing you to deep dive into your self-discovery process, what gets in your way, and how to be successful.
  • The Challenge
    • 14 days of self-discovery journal prompts designed to jump start your path towards thriving writing + so much more. We explore what's your current mindset, focus on your internal world and what it is you want in your life, what you need for your writing, and what is holding you back.
  • REFLECTIONS Workbook
    • 15+ exploratory questions to reflect on how the challenge went, what was challenging (what was not), where you need to focus more, and how you have grown

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What's included?

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Recommended Schedule [Optional]
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Day 1
Lesson 1 Workbook
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Crush Your Negative Self-Talk
14 mins
Day 2
Lesson 2 Workbook
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Choose Consciously
8 mins
Day 3
Lesson 3 Workbook
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Your Vision
11 mins
14 Day Write Mindset Journaling Challenge
An Important Note
PREPARE Workbook
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Write Mindset Journal - 15 Mins A Day
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Coaching + Biz Strategy For Authors

Brit Poe of is an author, success coach, and business strategist for authors. Her mission is to help aspiring authors jump their hurdles, write those novels, and create a THRIVING author career. With an emphasis on strategy and systems that *work*, Brit helps writers create the author empire they crave.


When will I get access to the course?

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How long do I have access to the course?

Fo’ life yo!